OpenMS is an operator of telecommunications and Internet, directed by specialised professionals with the most advanced technologies of wireless data transfer, in the last decade we have design the biggest WIFI networks in Spain.

We offer integrated hardware, software and technical services for the installation of wireless networks for the creation of private networks and to offer access to the Internet in a fast and easy way.

Our technological solutions can be used to build communications infrastructures for urban and rural, institutional, social, companies, professionals and domestic needs, making possible high bandwidth connectivity to all the public.

These are our solutions:

OpenLink, High capacity radio links in bands without the need of license

This is and advanced technological solution to transfer big quantities of data trough long distances using radio waves. Our product range of Point to Point is capable of using different frequency bands to achieve providing internet in detached places.

For Internet service, our radio links allow us to provide internet at very competitive price to be used in detached locations.

Open5G, Wireless network extended areas for villages and residential

The Open5G wireless system distinguish because it uses base micro-stations with very low power emissions, a lot lower that the ones used for mobile service towers. Each one of the stations can provide service to dozens of users that use client 5G antennas. User with these antennas can enjoy the service from miles away from the base station.

This is very affordable technology to provide wireless networks to urban areas, buildings and detached houses to enjoy access to the Internet.

These networks are highly recommended to provide a solid solution to rural areas where broadband or other technologies are not available because of its high cost of installation due to the location.

OpenWIFI, Hotspots for commercials or public areas, residential buildings, comercial centres and digital libraries

With OpenWIFI you can decide whether you want to provide free access to the Internet or in the other hand a prepaid service with the best fees on the market.

The magnitude of the network can be as big as your Project requires.

We can provide service to comercial chains or franchise with multiples locations where it is required public or private access and personalised with you own brand

In our WIFI networks we provide innovative concepts like OPEN INTERNET, this service allows us to provide free access to the Internet to certain contents without cost for the user. This is very useful to provide on-line public services and interactive advertising.