We provide various advanced solutions through the use of nanotechnology aimed at a wide range of industrial sectors, universities and research institutions and the final consumer. In our catalog we offer nanoparticles, nanocaps and nanoadditives.

In our wide range of nanoparticles, highlights the range of carbon nanomaterials such as Graphene, Nanofibers, Nanotubes, Fullerenes, ... although we can supply any solid element of the periodic table in nanoscopic sizes. We complete our nanoparticles catalogue with photocatalytic nanoparticles with several nanomaterials where the quantum ultra-phosensiblenano TiO2 stands out, capable of decontaminating water and air with any direct of difuse sunlight or with artificial ultraviolet light.

The range of polymeric additives and biopolymers, in masterbatch format, allows the development of controlled release systems that allow the dosage in time of the necessary quantities of any active ingredient. A good example is our anti-bacterial solutions that by means of the liberation of active ionic Silver allow to decontaminate biologically any surface or even that the material itself is biocide incorporating in its matrix these biocidal additives.

We offer a wide range of pre-designed sol-gel nanocoatings, which can be applied easily in spray to get active surfaces with new capacities. These nanolayers are delivered in liquids where the nanoparticles are dispersed, allowing their prolonged storage without the nanoparticles agglomerating or sedimenting and they are applied with great ease and greater security.

In our range of nanocoatings we can differentiate the protective ones, with anti-stain and photocatalytic capacity but also the new range of ultra-photosensitive photocatalytic nanocoatings, able to work without direct sunlight, working in an extended range of wavelengths including visible light, improves the capacity of these decontaminating nanoparticles of air and water making their response better on cloudy days or shaded spaces. Our nano-coatings can be applied onto Glass, Plastic, Metals, Woods, Textiles, Fibers, Ceramics, Stones,...

Additionally you can find in OpenMARKT, our on-line store, a wide range of products that take advantage of nanotechnology in everyday applications