We provide various advanced nanotechnology coating solutions targetting a wide range of industries, as well as to the final consumer. We provide metal oxide nanoparticles,  big catalogue of pre-designed sol-gel dispersed nanoparticles and nanodispersion on demand.

Our nano-coatings can be applied onto Ceramics,Glass, Polymers, Metals, Woods, Textiles, Fibers, Stone and Marbles. Thanks to our new nanocoatings applied onto the treated materials, these acquire new properties such as self cleaning, desinfecting, hidrophillic or hidrophobic, antibacterial, luminescent, UV protection, anti ageing, anti corrosion, and anti fouling.

We are in continuous research for new capabilities and applications to conventional materials with nano-coverings, innovating highly efficient solutions which can substantially improve the Environment and the quality of life for everyone. Our wide range of Nano additives and Nano coatings Sol-Gel, can be easily applied by conventional spray gun techniques to achieve advanced materials with exceptionally enhanced characteristics.

In the applications in for the enviroment, we can highlight systems based on Heterogeneous Photocatalysis based on TiO2 and doped TiO2 for better visible light response, with nanosilver, platinum,...  With this scientifically proven method, and using photocatalytic converters, activated by natural sunlight or artificial UV irradiation for the advanced treatment of air and water contaminants, as well as the materials onto which they are applied.

Our nano-coatings can be applied onto Glass, Plastic, Metals, Woods, Textiles, Fibers, Ceramics, Stones ...